What's Mamatoto?

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While pregnant, I was given a lot of advice and resources to support our birth but perhaps the best resource we got passed was a flier for Mamatoto.

In the bliss and chaos of postpartum adjustment, having a supportive and nurturing place to connect was just what I needed.

Our group has hosted informative lectures and settled into an amazing and inspiring group of moms who are goof friends and creative, loving, attachment parents.

It's a safe and fun place to share parenting highs and lows, offer a loving ear and share tips and parenting practices.

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Mamatoto is a place for new moms and babies to gain friends, information, advice and support.

Groups are formed every few months and meet weekly.

Mamatoto volunteers help the group get started and attend the first two meetings. After that, the group becomes self directed, with support available as needed.

Mamatoto is a Swahili word that describes the mother-baby unit, both during and after pregnancy. It was chosen as the group's name to highlight our emphasis on nurturing and strengthening the mother-baby bond, encouraging closeness and connection over separateness and independence.

Our Philosophy

Mamatoto is a support group for those who believe and practice attachment parenting style.

Attachment Parenting

Attachment parenting puts the focus on connection, respect for the child and trust in parental instincts. The Baby Book by William & Martha Sears offers the following 7 Baby B's of attachment parenting as a summary of the common practices of attachment parenting:


These practices are implemented in varying ways and to varying degrees, potential members may want to read the first chapter of The Baby Book to help determine if Mamatoto's philosophy suits theirs.

All-Age Group -NEW!

Bring your babies, toddlers or school-aged children to an afternoon at the park and meet other families who share an interest in Attachment Parenting. This group meets weekly. Go to our "All-Age Mamatoto Group" page for days, times, and locations.

You may also contact our New Member Coordinator at info@mamatotosb.com if you have further questions.

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