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The following group guidelines are suggested with love; they are based on the experiences of different Mamas from different groups. We hope you find them useful to you and your group.

quoteMamas speak...

"People often tell me things like, "your children are so happy, so engaged." I credit attachment parenting.

The experience of having a group of peers equally committed to raising their children in a similar manner is immeasurable. I am always learning and ever-grateful for what Mamatoto has brought to my life and my family. In fact, we had Aletha Solter speak at our meeting and her presentation changed my whole perspective on parenting.

Eizabeth, age 37quote

Mamatoto's Mission

Mamatoto is a support group for moms & babies, guided by the principles of attachment parenting.

Our Core Values:

New Groups

Groups are formed every few months and meet weekly. Mamatoto volunteers help the group get started and attend the first two meetings. After that, the group becomes self-directed, with support available as needed. New groups are formed four to six times per year depending on the number of new mamas interested. There is no cost to join Mamatoto, though the suggested donation at your first meeting is $5.00.

All-Age Group -NEW!

Bring your babies, toddlers or school-aged children to an afternoon at the park and meet other families who share an interest in Attachment Parenting. This group meets weekly. Go to our "All-Age Mamatoto Group" page for days, times, and locations.

Guest Speakers

Here is a PDF of local speakers who have volunteered to speak to Mamatoto groups. It has been passed down for generations of Mamatoto groups. Please note, we do not endorse any one group, person, product, or service.

Getting Started: Our Suggested Group Format

1. Set a weekly meeting time.
It's easy for a group to disintegrate when they haven't set a time or a place to meet. Some groups rotate houses, set a calendar a month in advance, or plan to meet the day before. It's important to set the tone early on and work within the comfort of everyone involved. As weather and nap patterns change expect to be flexible.
Many groups have benefited from the free service of "Yahoo Groups" to send messages, keep a calendar and an updated contact list.  To start your yahoo group go to

2. Talk about your group format.
For many groups the weekly host sets the tone for the meeting. She may be inviting a guest speaker , picking a discussion topic, planning an activity, and choosing your venue (her home, a park, etc.). Will you be checking in every week? Sharing highs and lows for the week? Do you want to talk about confidentiality? Will you include the papas occasionally? Many groups have family picnics throughout the year. How will you handle problems when they occur?

3. Create an open, supportive, judgment-free atmosphere and your group will thrive.
It's important to remember Mamatoto's core values and mission; model them within the group dynamic. Additionally, Mamatoto groups are open to new members at anytime.

4. Support each other in the common practices of attachment parenting.

5. It's YOUR group, enjoy it!
After the 2nd meeting your group becomes self-directed. Should you need further help, feel free to contact a Mamatoto Volunteer at


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