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Mamamtoto is about supporting long term nursing, nursing on demand, nursing around the clock, and many other parenting issues... our relationship with our children is different because of support and decisions we make by being in a mamatoto group.

As a mother, when we have a little baby we are bombarded with so many choices and confronted with many decisions we don't know the answers to, and who do we turn to, where do we find the answers, how do we know if we're doing it right, what are the long term effects, and how do we get children that receive the care and growth they need to be who they are supposed to be and what they need to do. Mamatoto provides a support for this.

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Mamatoto is run solely by volunteers & donations.

In August 2007 we received a one time donation from the Santa Barbara County Breastfeeding Coalition to launch our website and print brochures. But we need ongoing support. Your help keeps new moms in touch with an invaluable support network.

Our current volunteer moms work behind the scenes to make Mamatoto a visible organization in our community:



We need help getting the word out.

If you can donate your time putting up flyers, answering calls, or giving presentations please e-mail Dina at

Any amount of money helps our program.

For example, a mere $7.00 keeps our website up and running every month, or pay for the distribution of fliers, or provide the snacks for the first two meetings. You can e-mail Dina Clapinski to make your donation now!

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